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The Flowering Knights

A Fashion Film

The Flowering Knights is a fashion film inspired by the South Korean designer, Juun J. Following Juun J’’s South Korean roots I explored the history of Korea and came across a band of elite warriors called the Hwarang, also referred to as the Flowering Knights, who trained in self control, self defence and self confidence, through martial arts. Hwarang were said to be trained by a cultural group called the Wohwa, which was allegedly founded by two women, the men treated them as equals and had a huge deal of respect for them; in fact the Hwarang were renowned for treating fellow warriors with respect, regardless of gender, social status or house/ rank. I used this idea of empowerment to create a strong lead character that is self confident and bold, expressing a historical concept whilst conforming to Juun J's brand values.

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Creative Direction - Laura Bruton
Assistant - Victoria Lynch
Second Assistant - Libby Harrison 
Camera Assistant - Colin Jackson
With Special Thanks to James Macintyre

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